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About Us

Don’s Dive Shop is the #1 scuba diving shop in North America (if not the whole world.) We are based out in beautiful San Diego, CA and we are just sea maniacs, enjoying everything that exists above the water but especially in those blue ocean waters. Our courses will not take place directly at the San Diego ocean, as you probably know it will be tough for amateurs and newbies. Also, we don’t want any shark victims, do we?

So Don’s Dive Shop has prepared the greatest indoor diving tank in the country which is basically very similar to the conditions you would face in the ocean. However, you don’t have the waves, you don’t have the aggressive ways of nature and you don’t have sharks that haven’t eaten in months. So our tanks are really a stimulation of real life and real conditions (you will see all sorts of fish and even sharks.) However, you will be over watched by a very professional team of diving experts that will guide you along the way, ensuring a safe diving experience. We don’t want anyone having any heart conditions while in the water and we are proud to say, that so far we haven’t had any serious incidents.

Once the divers get a little bit more experienced and pass certain bar exams that we set for them, then they are allowed (and are given a license) to go into the ocean and dive in real life – non controlled environments.  I can tell you from first hand, that scuba diving is an experience you want to have under your belt. Not that it will come in handy, but it is something worth doing once in your life time (the same way it may be worth to travel by airplane once in your life.)

It’s going to mark your life in a very special way, and help you appreciate nature.