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Animal Attacks And How To Protect Yourself

It’s been a while since I last did a post so sorry about that. I have been caught up with a lot of work and many things that needed to be completed with our diving shop here in San Diego. I think I was able to at least get you all of your questions which I am reminding you, you can keep on sending here.

In today’s article (and hopefully it won’t be the last one for a long time – I’ll try and be consistent) I will be talking about certain animal attacks you may come across in your diving experience and hobby. Obviously if you are diving in the ocean – especially out here in California, you are going to be facing some very large sea animals that can get pretty aggressive. 

First thing that comes to mind are the sharks: if you open a book that speaks of sharks or even if you google it, you will see tens of different types of sharks, each with its own unique attack methods. Generally speaking, as we know, these animals don’t like human flesh. However, if you keep swinging your feet back and forth and have some kind of bleeding cut, you are just asking for it. Although sharks don’t prefer humans in their diet, they can get pretty hungry with  the decrease in sea animal population (the different fish and even the weeds that feed those fish.) So they can for some reason snap out of their healthy diet, and decide to eat some junk food: humans.

One of the main things you want to be careful of, is your clothing. Obviously you won’t dive in a red diving suit, but you can have many other things (like jewelry) that are red and can attract them. So you want to watch out for these type of things that are just going to create problems for you. Another thing as mentioned before, was if you have cuts and bleeding trauma. Sharks love blood. It’s like we love ketchup or mustard. So when they smell blood (which they can smile from a mile away) suddenly their inner animal spirit just erupts and is ready for lunch.

So what can you do if a shark does indeed attack you? Well, experts suggest that you fist fight the shark. I’m obviously not talking about taking your time, trying to beat it to death with your hands, that will never happen. But experts suggest that you punch sharks in the nose. That will water their eyes (ironic right?) and it will distract them, while you try and swim to shore. Basically, if sharks feel threatened, they stop immediately their hostile activity. How do you think dolphins were able to survive all these years? With their pointy nose and sneaky ways, not only have dolphins avoided shark attacks but they’ve also hunted sharks away from their homes. So follow mother nature and the way other animals react to sharks. As soon as you punch the shark in the nose, you basically want to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible: at the same time though, you don’t want to splash water all over the place and create noise, similar to what a wounded fish would create. Keep in mind, sharks don’t understand you are human (or again, they would not want to eat you) but if you look like a fish that has been under attack and is swimming for its life, well…then good luck to you.

As soon as the shark is punched in the nose, you want to discreetly swim away. We have it good, because we can see under water with our masks and even breath underwater. I guess you do not want to swim to the top of the surface, because you won’t have an idea of what’s happening below you. You want to stay as low as possible and start swimming back to shore or even try and get up to your boat. If there is someone else with you, they can pretty much help you from the boat and try and get rid of the shark. This is team work people, and not one move or want action will take care of the threat.

Enough about sharks, what other animals can attack you? The second thing that comes to mind are jelly fish. Now those aren’t really attacks and I won’t even talk about ways to protect yourself from them, however jelly fish can be a pain in the tail. When you dive and you keep getting stung by these, it can be frustrating and distract you from what you are trying to do down there. It’s kind of what farmers face with pointy bush and annoying plants that have venom on their leafs. It’s just going to delay everything you are trying to do, giving you set backs and annoyance. By only tip for this would be keep your eyes open. It’s really the only thing you can do to protect yourself from them. It’s not a mine field that you can’t notice the bombs under. The jelly fish will float around you and you must be blind or really distracted to not be able to see it.

I hope this article was somewhat helpful and maybe a little bit entertaining. No matter the entertainment you have this weekend, don’t dance with sharks: bad experience!

Okay guys, talk to you next time!