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Diving For Treasures

You know the guys that are always running around the beach¬†with a metal detector in their hands collecting beer caps and nickles? You know the ones…that won’t give you back your jewelry ’cause it belongs to the sand. Many people actually take their metal detectors even into the water, and try to find valuable things they can later sell on e-bay. It is funny because you will see them holding the metal detector in one hand, and in the other hand usually a bucket (with wholes to let the sand go) to collect the small pieces of treasure.

But since we see them all over the place (lots of them in Miami) obviously the kind of treasures available are gone. When you have so much competition, you need a lot more people to take vacations and spend time on the beach so they lose their valuable jewelry. When you have these metal detector geeks in the tens of people, it is hard to try and find something they left behind. If they have the decency, they will collect once in a while those beer caps they leave behind. Otherwise you are doomed to pick up the trash left behind them. These guys however, have only a mask available to them and a metal detector that can only reach so far. So they spend most of their time close to shore (where indeed, most of the items lost are found there.) But the heavier and more valuable pieces of treasure, will be found way in the deep waters where no one else has ever thought or tried to dig up some valuable items. 

That means that – unless you can keep your breath like a whale does for long periods of time – you will need to use your scuba tank and then either swim around at the bottom of the sea and try to find something valuable, or even bring the metal detector with you. If you search for different videos online you will find all sorts of findings from people that where in the deeper waters of the ocean. Items to be found include: gold rings, diamond rings, other valuable wearable jewelry or even very rare coins worth a lot of money. I guess most of the times, the whole fun in this treasure hunt isn’t actually finding the valuable items and make money off of them, but basically discover them. To be honest, you will never be able to make enough money to do this as a full time thing and it will barely cover your expenses for scuba diving and metal detecting equipment. It’s more of a fun experience and a hobby that many people like participating in. Also, you get to learn so many things about these valuable findings. For instance if you find a coin that you don’t see anywhere in the world today, then that will initiate you to open up an extra history book and discover when it existed what was the value of it in its time etc. So this whole experience is a very nice education opportunity also for things outside of the main sphere of you professional interests.

Let’s face it: when you go search for lost items with a metal detector, by using a scuba tank you have an unfair advantage among all the others in your shoes. It’s like having a tank at war, when everyone else has horses. So never underestimate the powers and wonders of scuba diving. Being able to basically live under water for a short period of time, just like the other living species do, is an unbelievably remarkable experience. You can do so much and aside of the treasures you’ll discover: you fill also see some very interesting sea animals. Perhaps some that you haven’t seen before and are kind of rare.

That’s all I wanted to do with this blog post: jog up your memory on the multiple uses of being a very good scuba diving expert. It can come in handy in many different ways.

Take care!