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Ocean Water Pressure Similar To Other Environmental Conditions

Wow! Lot’s of great content being generated today and I’m just getting started. Before we jump into our new topic of discussion, I just want to remind you all that your feedback is always appreciated. Also I would like to say another big thank you for being such good sports and hearing me out one article at a time.

Toady’s third or fourth article (I’ve really lost count) is going to talk about something rather interesting using some common sense and some basic laws of physics. Did you know that the same type of pressure that we see in the depth of the ocean water can be observed in higher altitudes above sea? So many of the conditions that exist in the sea (pressure, water dynamics) can also be found in the air the higher up you get there. Did you know that airplanes basically fly in a similar way that a ship sails? The airplanes are actually gliding through those masses of air, making for a smooth journey. In fact, whenever there is some gap in that flow of compressed air, you feel the plan shake around a little bit. Have you ever climbed a tall mountain and you feel like oxygen is very low and the pressure increases? Well…very similar to ocean conditions right? Whatever oxygen exists in the water (that fish can use) exists in the upper layers of the ocean. So in other words, the deeper down into the water you go, the less oxygen you will find.

Interesting fact, something similar happens when you talk about tall (I mean very tall) buildings. Not so much the oxygen decreases (because it still isn’t that high, no matter if you go to Trump tower) as much as the pressure becomes greater. I actually did not know this. A good friend of mine who owns a demolition company and has had his fair share of climbing tall buildings told me that the higher up you go in the floors, the more pressure you feel (with a small concentrate of oxygen.) Especially if someone goes to the top of that building (the final top floor) and tries to take a deep breath, he will definitely notice a difference compared to doing that on ground zero.

Many times when these fascinating facts come up, I just start thinking about how creative God is in doing such things. He basically takes a specific formula and lays it into different parts in our every day lives. He didn’t have to come up with new phenomenons in regards to incredible heights but rather use the basic formula he used elsewhere (in the ocean.) Even going back to the airplane example, it’s incredible to think that it basically travels in a very similar way to ships.

Some other nice similarities between the ocean and the tall skies? You can’t access both very easily. Think about it: how easy is it to get to the bottom of the seas or the top of the skies. Man has spent trillions of dollars over the years, trying to develop such technology. Not only that, but all the structures (submarines or sky scrapers) need to be able to withstand the conditions nature has set. So a building can not have the same width at the final floor as in the first few. It needs to be structured and created in such a way, so it abides to the laws of nature which ultimately are the laws of physics. Same things goes for submarines or scuba divers: they need to be able to face the high pressure in the great depths in order to not be crushed. Also, since the lack of oxygen is a problem there, man needed to come up with ways to bring enough oxygen to support living human beings.

I am not going to get too much romantic about all these. It’s just amazing, that all this knowledge and all these wonderful things we have in front of us are available for us to enjoy and appreciate. Many times we live our lives in such a rush that we forget to appreciate simple things. We are too stressed out with our routines, and forget that we are also people living temporarily on an incredible structure called earth (with everything in it.) I really enjoy having such great conversations with people that although are in completely different fields and industries, have so many things in common when it comes to nature and the ways we all work around it, following the rules it sets.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this article as much as I did. Some mind blowing facts are good to listen to once in a while. You know…just so we can get shook up a little bit from our daily routines and living. I will try and include more of these in the future, so always come back and check.