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Using Your Diving Experience For A Brand New Experience

We’ve had multiple discussions¬†about the skills you learn when getting into the scuba diving courses and all the knowledge you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Of course if that is just in theory, it doesn’t really do you any good. Just knowing about the way people tend to dive into the great blue ocean waters, won’t help you dive and live such amazing experiences. So what exactly are the type of experiences you can live as a scuba diving expert? What is the overall purpose of learning this new skills (aside of bragging to your friends?)

Your choices are so many in terms of what you actually use these skills for, but I am just trying to give you some of my favorite activities (focusing on one.) Many people like doing spearfishing in big depths to hunt some larger fish (or even sharks) that they otherwise would not be able to find from shore. Using a scuba diving tank (with great resources of oxygen) will help you stay at the bottom of the ocean for a much larger period of time, and thus making your spearfishing experience greater and with more success. It is a completely different story when you need to take a deep breath and then dive, compared to having all the ease and comfort of oxygen in the world to take your time and line up your shot. There are definitely other activities one may participate in, using what they’ve learned from the scuba diving courses, that aren’t that violent.

Many people select to go into those large cages with the sharks and other dangerous sea animals. Although you don’t need great skill to do that (in terms of scuba diving training) you need to know some basic things. Many people will pay countless amounts of dollars for those shark cages so understanding the scuba diving equipment will make your experience a lot greater and more memorable/happy. Imagine being down in the shark cage and the people in charge somehow manage to get a large shark towards your way. If you are still trying to fix that mask and are not enjoying the show, wouldn’t that be a shame? I mean you are going to have the experience of a life time, and you want to waste it on fixing your mask or getting your oxygen system working? It just doesn’t make sense. Knowing how to use a scuba tank, will give you a lot more confidence and understanding of how all this works. That means you will spend more time watching those magnificent creatures of the sea, than worrying about your scuba tank.

As I said before, I would like to focus more on this part of the entertainment uses of the scuba diving skills you will have. Many people will not go in cages but select to swim next to sharks either in controlled environments or completely at their own risks. The whole shark experience is life changing (from personal experience I can tell you that.) We have been taught that sharks are the big bad animals that eat people alive. When you see how many more sharks people kill (than the other way around) you will understand how false our teachings have been. Sharks actually do not like human meat and that is a fact. They would much rather eat a tuna fish, than you. So the only reason shark attacks take place, are because of lack of food or they are so hungry at that moment that they will eat anything that is swimming in a splashy way. So getting back to my story, swimming next to sharks will actually show you how amazing these creatures are and how they really don’t want to do you any harm. I am not going to say that they are your best buddies in the sea (I think I would go with dolphins on that) but they are definitely not the evil animals that TV seems to characterize them.

I know many people have a problem swimming in the ocean because of the fear of sharks and shark attacks. I mean everyone is a little bit concerned, but to not go into the water because of shark threats is just a killer mood. So for those people, a very good way to overcome that obstacle is to allow them to swim next to sharks or in those shark cages. How would that person though be ready to do that, without any scuba diving experience? Someone who has had their share of diving, will go into this experience immediately. But for people that are not fortunate to join the diving community, they need to learn from scratch which means that it will add a lot more time and stress on them trying to over come their worries about shark attacks, and enjoy their vacations.

So as you can see, one experience can really affect so many different parts of one’s life. This is what I love about scuba diving and I have said this repeatedly before: Scuba diving is fun because of the holistic and spherical view it gives you of things. You get small “pieces of experience” from so many different places and at the end you have one large one that will stick with you for a very long time. Humans have been created to explore and learn new things. So I urge you to do the same thing. Spread your wings and try and reach new destinations that you thought you couldn’t reach. It will really open up your mind and will change the way you look at certain things in life. Life is a journey of collections of experiences. Don’t deny yourself the experience to learn about the ocean and the incredible features it has to offer. It comes directly from nature after all, so it should be good, right?

Make sure you contact us today, and learn more about the ways you can “dive” into the experience of scuba diving. Give yourself a fair chance to view this incredible new world.¬†