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Is Scuba Diving Fun?

Getting started with the content posted on this platform, I wanted to discuss a very common topic of discussion and create this very light mood reading opportunity for you. For anyone that hasn’t gone diving before (let alone with a scuba tank) it can seem kind of strange. You are dressed in that black suit, you wear those peculiar sandals that make you look like a fish and you wear those fancy masks. Because of the fact that this all takes place under the water, it can seem kind of scary and daunting for many. Now of course, those divers you see swim among the sharks in such great comfort, didn’t learn how to do that the minute they were born. It involved a lot of training, these people had to put in a lot of effort, and also as strange as it may sounds, divers need to do quite a lot of studying. I will be talking more about that in upcoming posts.

So to get back to the original topic of discussion: is scuba diving fun?

Well…it depends. Why would someone go dive in the water? What would be the purpose?

If you are doing it for creative reasons (you want to have a closer view to the shark’s teeth) or simply just for entertainment purposes it can be fun, although there are certain dangers in place, that divers should be aware of. But you need to understand that many divers do this professionally and for reasons of disaster. Mostly, you will find your scuba teams in emergency teams trying to find someone or something. Also many people that dive for a living, are working in the archaeological part of things which means that they need to pay attention to detail. Those diving activities can be quite a great hassle mainly because of the work it involves. Diving isn’t that much of a difficulty after you get pass those first few attempts. But when you need to dive and also hold certain objects in your hands, or do your research, it can get hard and stressful.

Of course you people starting out are not interested in doing such activities. You are most likely in this for entertainment reasons so to you people I would say: It can be fun, after you get used to it. Initially it will be hard for you: you are carrying so much extra weight (suits, special shoes, tanks on your bank) and you also need to deal with the new physics laws that apply under water. Pressure is going to build when you go deeper into the water, which means that you may feel an annoyance in your ears and nose. As time goes on, you will get used to it and it won’t be all that bad. But initially, it can be quite a shock for you, and you may feel like you want to quit. A few months down the road though, you will be so happy you continued with the courses and you made the decision to sign up.

Going into the ocean and being able to come in contact with animals of the sea can be a life changing experience. You get to view up close creatures you otherwise would either see on TV or cooked in your plate. The animal kingdom of the sea is just amazing, and being a witness of such great creation is something you will carry on for a long long time. On top of that, you will improve your swimming and diving skills. You will learn how to sync the breathing exercises with the movement of your arms and legs. Also, in the initial theory classes (so important) you will learn some basic functions of your lungs and hearts and the way those adapt to the pressure in the ocean. You will learn basic anatomy and pathology of the lungs that are going to help you better understand the reason you are being trained to dive and come up to the surface in a certain way. Health and safety is one of our main concerns, so educating you on those matters is crucial to us.

Ultimately, this holistic learning experience offered to you will be something that you will enjoy dearly. Scuba diving is fun, not because of the dive itself, but because of all the other things involved with doing a good job in your diving exercises. Scuba diving is a hobby that connects many other interests and hobbies. And that is the joy of it.

We encourage you to sign up in one of our courses or courses offered to you by local scuba training classes. There are many good ones in the country, and even though we are considered the best, you are free to try learn from your local scuba diving instructor.

Below is an inspirational video that will get your feet wet and get your enthusiasm pumping so that you too can one day become a scuba diving expert.